The Journey

What gave us the idea to start the journey?

It was personal experiences that made us think about what is really important to us in life. What do we really want? What do we do in our lives only out of habit or because we shy away from change? The idea matured for almost 2 years, and we thought about how we could implement the project until the time came in 2020 and we gave the adventure a fixed date. We began to align and redesign our lives for 2023.

How do we lay out our journey?

For us, the focus was always very clear that everything is possible, but nothing has to be. We have made up our minds to cross the Atlantic first, and then decide whether and how to continue.

We don’t have to prove anything to ourselves or anyone else. We want to give room to being spontaneous and to act according to our needs. The goal is to get rid of the driven nature of the former working world, and not to replace it with an inner driver. We want not only to sail, but also to spend a lot of time in different places, to experience the country and its people, and to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the places we visit. On the voyage we will always be accompanied by friends and selected guests who find our journey appealing (more details can be found under Patreon from 2023). We will certainly spend some time together on the ship, as in the last years. It should be a good mix.



The element water has fascinated me since my childhood. Nevertheless, the first sport I did very intensively was horseback riding. Nature, animals, children, I always liked to be at home in the analog part of the world, which also led to my future profession as an elementary educator.

The years from 1991 onwards were marked by work, starting a family, and building a house. My divorce in 2004 forced me to turn away from the traditional path. In 2005 I completed my extra-occupational training as a social and life counsellor with a mental focus at the Mentalkolleg Bregenz.

In 2010 my journey through life with Thomas began. From the beginning, this meant sharing with him the joy of sailing, which was not difficult for me. I immediately felt safe with Thomas, having had sailing experience since childhood. He is a great skipper! Route planning, weather and technical aches and pains, I have not yet encountered anything that he could not solve. Again, and again friends and acquaintances accompanied us, but we also like to sail in pairs.

More and more I was looking for books about people who have sailed for longer periods of time. Couples, families, across the Atlantic or even around the world. To me this possibility seemed unattainable and yet more and more the certainty arose that I would like to experience this as well. Greatest awe for the achievements of these people and for their adventures. But it also gave me a good insight into what it means to embark on such a journey. And now the dream has arrived in my life!

Together we will start and get involved in what is to come.


It was St. Gilgen at the Wolfgangsee where sailing started early. The idea to sail around the world one day is already old. At the age of 15 I read the book “Taboo” by Wolfgang Hausner, in which he described his first round-the-world sailing trip. From then on, I wanted to go on a great voyage. Years later, I experienced two long-distance sailings with Wolfgang Hausner, which inspired me even more.

My first education was in plastics engineering at TGM Vienna, quite beneficial for sailing, there is always something to repair, as I soon learned.

30 years as an entrepreneur with many beautiful development projects and start ups, which I was allowed to accompany with my successful method in the development of their potentials, are now behind me. It was a time to help shape our world with great teams and unique opportunities that I would not want to miss.

With Sigrid I met a wonderful and compassionate person in 2010 and she revived the almost abandoned desire of me to sail around the world and charged it with so much confidence and energy that we started with the concrete planning.

Life is like a circus ring in which we can only go one round and we should always decide in which role we will go the next part. In life there is no rehearsal, whatever we do is the unique now in which we may decide to live our potentials and dreams.

One important role is still missing for me – living and sailing on a ship. The time is perfect!

Where have we been until 2022?

13 countries visited and 16.230 miles sailed 


Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, France, Malta, England, Danmark

Rest of the World

Kapverden, Gran Canaria, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippinen